The sweet side of life


Resuming Ralston: love and respect.


Since I was a child I’m on the factory, place I hold memories with much affection.
To assume today the position of one of the company’s executive officer, and being the third generation of the family working in the dream of producing healthy and accessible sweets is a surpassing honor.
May our company continue for many years to come to produce the same traditional recipe, always respecting the human being and the environment and bringing the sweet taste of the farm to everybody’s life.



“My name is Ronaldo Ulian and I am a food engineer. I have been working at Ralston since 2012 and I am currently responsible for the factory management. I first started at the company as an intern, when I had the opportunity to learn the process of making the guava, banana and pumpkin sweets that are found in various packages in order to attend to our costumers’ needs. It was also during my internship that I took part in the development process of our sugar free product line.

All the fruit that come to us is harvested and delivered at the factory daily, guarantying fresh and excellent quality fruit for us to work with. The fact that we are located so close to the guava plantation is one of the key factors to assure this.

Another factor important on aiding us is the intensive care of our plants, from pruning to the harvest of the fruit, and being ecologically self-conscious with the products that we use against plagues. We are at those stages that we work with rigorous control and we are able to track the fruits’ origins and history.

We receive fresh guava fruits daily to be processed; they arrive already preselected, than are sanitized and go through a second selection. After these stages, the fruits are grinded and the pulp is separated from the seeds.  Then, the pulp is sent to a specific tank where we prepare the recipe to be cooked and make the inverted sugar. Then this preparation goes to the vacuum concentrators until they reach the ideal thickness. Then this Guava candy is packed according to its specific use.

We also prepare aseptic guava pulp to attend to other partner companies and costumers!”

Luiz Carlos

“Hello, my name is Luiz Carlos and I have been a Production Manager at Ralston since 2014. Today we are going to talk about our guava plantations, located in the Santa Alice Farm, in Terra Roxa, São Paulo. The care of our orchard is followed by weekly visits of our consultant Heder Mosca (Agronomic Engineer), who guides us in the best of agricultural practices. Following his orientations, our agricultural technician (Evandro Fukuda), along with his operational team, fulfils the cultural treatment activities, strictly obeying the technical standards for each practice and always respecting the deprivations periods and preserving the environment.

We guarantee all Ralston costumers that our products (from feedstock to final product) are of extreme quality and traceability to all the procedures of our production. By means of good practices, we preserve environmental, social and economic balance of our company, carrying for our reservations and animals in order to maintain our land within the most strict preservation standards.”

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